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Azure Global Cloud Framework

A Turnkey Approach to Azure Cloud

CompSolGlobal’s Azure Global Cloud Framework is a cost-effective solution for enterprise organizations that require national or globally-scaled cloud services to meet their business demands. Our approach steers away from the upfront capital investment, offering our clients a consumption-based model that provides Azure subscriptions with ISO 27001 based frameworks.

CapEx vs OpEx

CSG’s Azure Global Cloud Framework is an answer to the traditional “CapEx” model of globally scaled cloud services, requiring a large capital investment from the company. Our framework is based on the OpEx model, providing your cloud services as a PaaS where you pay for what you consume, giving you the ability to manage and optimize costs more effectively.


Our turnkey solution for globally-scaled cloud services is pre-fitted with Azure subscriptions that meet ISO 27001 for several functions including a governance framework with cost-optimized, self-service oriented policies and best practice application architecture patterns. We are also working on additional add-ons for IoT and Azure Cognitive Services that will be available in the near future.

ISO 27001 Frameworks Included

  • IAM Centralized Security Management
  • Governance Framework
  • Globally Distributed Virtual Networks and Connectivity
  • Centralized Operations Mangement and Monitoring with Automated Enrollment
  • Global Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Global HA N-tier IaaS Reference Architecture
  • Globally Replicated PaaS Reference Web Application Architecture
  • Zone Redundant Enterprise Cloud Native Platform
    • ACR
    • AKS
    • Databricks
    • Cosmos DB

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